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June 24, 2009
  Celebrity DUIs and You
Posted By Gold & Witham

Mel Gibson, Keifer Sutherland, Paris Hilton, Scot Weiland, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie -- celebrities who have allegedly run afoul of the law about drugs or alcohol, and for many, repeatedly. Do the Los Angeles Courts treat the famous differently than you and me in simlilar, dire circumstances? It appears they are treated more leniently -- but then again, despite their high profile attorneys, both Paris Hilton and Keifer Sutherland suffered approximately 45 day jail sentences, and all were imposed high fines, alcohol education programs and variations of probation/ community service.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving's statistics suggest that those convicted of first time drunk driving are likely to re-offend within seven to ten years of the first conviction. Unless you select a Los Angeles drunk driving defense attorney to take a diplomatic, political and pragmatic approach to educating you about the terrible dangers of a repeat offense in California, chances are you will be back.

As a DUI defense law firm with a background at the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office (attorney Jeffrey Gold), The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (criminalist Henry Greenberg) and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV consultant and former DMV Administrative Hearing Officer Maro Sasaki), Gold & Witham, Attorneys at Law know the kinds of legal defenses and diplomatic efforts that can motivate, rather than merely attempt to "intimidate," Prosecutors who have your future in their hands, to exercise their discretion on your behalf. It doesn't matter you're not a celebrity, with a "trial animal" lawyer baying at your side, if you have seasoned, professional and experienced counsel to guide you, not only to the best possible result in your DUI, but to your future, hereafter, as a safe and sober driver in the State of California.

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