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Huntington Beach DUI

In a report in the Los Angeles Times last month, the Huntington Beach Police Department indicated their plans to post the names of suspected drunk drivers on Facebook. This is a new tactic in their crusade against DUI in Orange County. The intention is to inflict public shame on those arrested for DUI in Huntington Beach. The idea is part of an aggressive campaign by the City that also calls for more officers focussing on DUI cases in Huntington Beach. The City also intends to send letters to bars when one of their patrons is arrested for DUI after leaving their establishment. A July report indicated that there were 274 collisions and 1,687 drunk driving arrests last year, one of the highest rates for a City its size. The Facebook proposal will be reviewed by the City Attorney to make sure that there are no legal barriers. The City Attorney, Jennifer McGrath was herself arrested for a DUI in 2002 and was required to attend DUI classes and pay a fine, part of the minimum penalties for a DUI in California.
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