"The Other Guy" and Felony DUI

First time DUI clients often express the thought that felony DUI's usually happen to "the other guy" -- repeat offenders and/or those with very high blood-alcohol content ("BAC"). Although this can be strictly true -- a high "BAC" (over .15%) can threaten the impaired driver with even greater loss of control-- in fact, the predominance of our felony clients at Gold & Witham have been first offenders with moderate blood alcohol levels between .10 and .12%. A felony DUI is usually denominated as such by dint of an injury or death involved, but "by operation of law," a fourth time DUI conviction within a 10 year period can also be deemed a "felony" by the State of California, and is subject to the same, severe penalties (jail or prison, formal probation, high fines, extended periods of license suspension) that are parcel to felonies. "But, I'm not an alcoholic!" is routinely invoked by first offenders as if that status were an insurance against the prospect of an injury DUI befalling them.

It can happen to anyone.

Don't rely on wishful thinking ("I'll be OK, driving"), others ("she promised to drive home"), luck ("It's only two blocks back to work"), your history ("I've never been stopped before!"), or your self-evaluated "blood alcohol level" ("I'm not drunk, for God's sake!"). In the long run, a taxi fee is cheaper than a court conviction. Or a lost license.

Or a lost life.

If you do find yourself facing a felony DUI charge, however, despair may be emotionally appropriate -- but it is not the answer. Pro-activity is. And Gold & Witham, will show you how and where to start. As we've said, you don't need to be "the other guy" to be in dire straights... If you are, let us help you through them, now.


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