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You Only Have 10 Days To Save Your License!

After an arrest, you have exactly 10 days to schedule a DMV Hearing. It’s at this hearing that the status of your driver’s license will be determined. Failure to schedule your DMV Hearing within this 10-day window will result in automatic driver’s license suspension within 30 days of your arrest. When you’re up against the possibility of a suspended or revoked license, you need proven legal help on your side – you need Gold & Witham Attorneys at Law. Our exclusive focus on DUI law ensures you get the strategic defense you need in order to yield the unparalleled results you deserve. Call us today for a free case evaluation.

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  • Felony reduced to standard DUI with no jail time Barstow Court - Felony DUI
  • Barstow Court - Felony DUI

    Felony Reduce to Standard DUI with No Jail Time

  • Won DMV hearing, avoided license suspension. Second Offense with a 0.11 BAC
  • DUI dismissed 0.13 / 0.12 BAC
  • DMV hearing one, license suspension avoided Second Offense with a 0.18 BAC
  • No prison Felony DUI with Great Bodily Injury
  • 2 Years Prison Felony Manslaughter & Great Bodily Injury
  • No jail time High Blood-Alcohol & Assault on Officers
  • Jail time stricken from conviction High Blood-Alcohol
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