DUI Expungement in Los Angeles

What does an expungement entail?

Gold & Witham may be able to help you have a previous DUI conviction cleared from your criminal record. This means, except for in certain circumstances, that you can legally deny your criminal record in job applications and other instances where it may arise and be an issue.

Many of our clients pursue an expungement so they can deny their criminal record or simply for peace of mind from past mistakes. It is often to vital have a criminal record expunged. Having a DUI conviction on your accessible criminal record can be a barrier to getting a job as many employers use a service that checks the criminal record of any potential employee; when the DUI conviction comes up, it may indicate to that employer that you will not be a good employee.

This can be a serious barrier to getting the employment you want and deserve.

Do I Need a Lawyer for My DUI Expungement?

When seeking to expunge your DUI conviction, It is crucial that you contact an attorney experienced with expungements. At Gold & Witham, we have assisted countless individuals with their expungements. The procedure is specific, and the filings must be done correctly. Experience in these legal matters is a significant advantage when seeking to clean up your record.

Additionally, a lawyer at our firm may be able to have a felony DUI conviction reduced to a misdemeanor and then expunged from your record. There are a number of options and strategies your Los Angeles DUI lawyer may undertake in expunging your DUI record. In order to determine what will work best for you and whether you are eligible for an expungement, a lawyer at our office will offer a free initial consultation to discuss your particular situation.

At Gold & Witham, our attorneys proceed with skill and confidence in each case. Schedule your free consultation today!

What is a DUI Expungement?

Expungement (California Penal Code section 1203.4) is a process by which, following the successful completion of court probation (satisfaction of all court-ordered responsibilities and penalties, and no new arrests or convictions), the Court will allow the Defendant to petition to withdraw a previously entered guilty plea, at which point that case can be dismissed in "the interests of justice" (Penal Code section 1385).

What is California's Procedure for DUI Expungement?

The expungement petition must be prepared and served to the court and prosecuting agency. The processing of the petition may be accomplished through an internal review by the court, or at an in-person hearing requested and attended by the Defendant and/or their attorney. The administration of the request typically takes two months. Presentation of the petition may be done by the completion of a standardized form, or by individually tailored papers justifying the DUI expungement.

Can an Expunged Record Ever Be Used Against Me?

Expungement will formally erase the DUI conviction from your employment record, but may still be discoverable by employers with access to "cached" or archived versions of California's criminal "rap sheets" (conviction records). Expungement does not affect prosecutorial records, so a defendant's prior, although "expunged," conviction may still be a basis for enhancing penalties on subsequent, or repeated, offenses.

See How Our DUI Defense Firm Can Help You

At Gold & Witham, our attorneys have more than 40 years of combined legal experience, which we use to our clients' advantage. Whenever our attorneys take on a new DUI case or work to expunge a previous driving under the influence conviction, we work one-on-one with the client in order to build a plan of action that suits their personal needs and wants in regard to their case.

Our lawyers believe this is important not only to make the client comfortable when working with us, but it also helps our firm to achieve a positive outcome on your behalf. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of having a past DUI conviction expunged from your record, contact the offices for a consultation. We may be able to help you achieve the peace of mind you deserve


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