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HAM and MADD Programs in DUI Cases


If you have been arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles or Orange County you need to consult with DUI Attorneys who are familiar with the range of possible penalties that can be imposed for drunk driving and more importantly, how to avoid those penalties.

If you are under the age of twenty five or if you have a high blood or breath alcohol reading, in addition to other penalties, the Court may want to order you to perform a HAM (Hospital and Morgue) Program and a MADD/VIP (Mothers Against Drunk Driving/Victim Impact Panel) Program.

The Hospital and Morgue Program involves a collaborative effort between Los Angeles and Orange County Superior Courts, and County Hospitals and County Coroner. The Program is intended to act as a deterrent to the commission of further DUI offenses. It is intended to educate DUI Offenders on the consequences of driving under the influence. Participants typically spend half a day at a Hospital and half a day at the Morgue. The impact of injuries to victims of DUI cases is discussed with trauma nurses and patients. A tour of the Morgue may involve witnessing an autopsy, discussing case presentations and listening to a talk by a guest speaker who was a victim of a drunk driver.

A MADD/VIP Program consists of a one time visit to a presentation by Mothers Against Drunk Driving focused on the consequences of drunk driving accidents and its impact on the victims of DUI cases. The meeting lasts approximately two to three hours.

The above penalties are not mandated by the Vehicle Code as minimum penalties and are discretionary in nature. This means that they can be avoided by negotiation. By retaining a DUI Defense Lawyer with experience in Los Angeles and Orange County Courts, you will be maximizing your chances of avoiding some of the above and more serious penalties you would face by simply pleading guilty without any representation.