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Alcohol Programs and DUI


Following an arrest for DUI in Los Angeles, you may be required to complete an alcohol education program, either by court order following a conviction or for the DMV in order to reinstate driving privileges. Following a suspension of driving privileges on a first offense, the DMV requires proof of enrollment in a three-month alcohol program before early reinstatement of restricted driving privileges. However, if your blood or breath alcohol level is above .15%, the court can impose a longer program for six or nine months. If you need to enroll in the program for the DMV before resolution of your court case, you should discuss with the program the possibility of extending the length of the program if necessary, to comply with any court order.

If you are offered a “wet reckless”, the court may offer you a twelve-hour alcohol program as a condition of your plea bargain. However, the DMV does not recognize this program if you have been suspended and need a restricted license to drive for work. The DMV will only accept proof of enrollment in the three-month program.

If you have been arrested in Los Angeles for a DUI and you are confused as to your obligations to perform an alcohol program, please contact Gold & Witham Attorneys at Law at (800) 716-6791 for a free case evaluation.