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Bail, Bail Bonds and DUI


Typically on a first DUI arrest in Los Angeles or Orange County, the arresting agency will release a suspect after a few hours on his or her own promise to appear in court on a future date. Normally, it is not necessary to post bail in these circumstances. However, if there is an aggravating factor such as an accident, a refusal to submit to a test, or prior DUI convictions, bail can be required before a suspect is released. Bail can be cash bail or a bail bondsperson can be used to post a bail bond. If cash bail is posted, the full amount is returned upon completion of the court case and exoneration of the bail. If a bail bondsperson is employed to post a bail bond, the bondsperson typically charges ten percent of the amount of the bond. This fee is not refunded at the end of the case.

Some arresting agencies have a reputation for requiring bail even on first offenses, including local police agencies in Orange County, and the Long Beach Police Department. Typically, bail on a first offense is between $2,500 and $10,000. On a felony DUI in Orange County, bail can be as much as $100,000.

Even if the arresting agency releases a suspect without bail, the Court will sometimes impose bail at the arraignment. This is common on a second or third DUI offense in Orange County Courts. This can come as a surprise to an unrepresented defendant or unprepared attorney. If bail is not posted immediately, the defendant will be taken into custody, pending the resolution of the case.

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