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Accidents and DMV Suspensions


Pursuant to Section 13800 of the California Vehicle Code, the DMV has broad power to suspend a persons privilege to drive following a serious traffic accident.

The DMV may conduct an investigation to determine whether a suspension may be imposed upon receiving information that a licensee has been involved in a traffic accident causing death or serious personal injury to another person, or serious damage to property.

The DMV may also suspend if a person is involved in three or more accidents within a 12 month period or in circumstances where information shows that the licensee is an incompetent or negligent driver.

If the DMV is contemplating such action, the driver safety office would typically send a notice of intent to suspend giving the licensee an opportunity to be heard on the issue by requesting an appointment with a hearing officer. At the  DMV hearing, the DMV hearing officer can decide to take no action, suspend or revoke a persons privilege to drive, or allow a period of probationary driving with conditions.

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