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DNA Samples and DUI in Orange County


Orange County District Attorney's Office seems to have recently adopted a policy of requesting DNA samples as a condition of plea bargains in DUI cases in Orange County. Each Court in Orange County now has an office with staff members taking DNA swabs. The DNA samples can be retained indefinitely as part of a database for law enforcement purposes. For those who do not trust their government, this can be a problem and a major intrusion.

DNA samples are being collected from defendants who consent by way of a negotiated plea bargain and are not being required as a condition of probation on all DUI's. This can be a useful tool in negotiation. I have recently been offered a reduction in charges, a dismissal of a speed enhancement (which requires sixty days in county jail) and a reduction from a six to a three month alcohol program in three different DUI cases in Orange County in return for my client consenting to a DNA sample.

For minor cases such as open container charges, Prosecutors are sometimes offering dismissals for a DNA sample.

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