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What is an SR22?


An SR22 is a form sent by your insurance company to the DMV to show proof of insurance. It is required following a DMV suspension for a DUI and before the DMV will consider reinstatement on a restricted license or termination of a suspension.

A suspension for a DUI will occur if a defendant is convicted of drunk driving or following an administrative DMV Hearing (unless the hearing is won). Upon conviction for DUI, the court will report the conviction to the DMV mandatory actions unit in Sacramento and a suspension order for six months on a first offense will be mailed to the Licensee. This will begin from the date of conviction. The Licensee is immediately eligible for reinstatement on a restricted license upon filing an SR22, proof of enrollment in a program and payment of a reinstatement fee. Following a DUI suspension by the local driver safety office for a first time DUI arrest, the Licensee may apply for a restricted license only after thirty days of suspension. Again, proof of enrollment in a first offender program and an SR22 is required.

Your insurance company must file the SR22 for you direct with the DMV in Sacramento. It must be maintained on file with the DMV for a full three years.

If you have been arrested for a DUI and you have questions about how to reinstate your privilege to drive, please call Los Angeles and Orange County DMV lawyers Gold & Witham for immediate assistance.