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Do I need an SR22?

An SR22 is a form sent to the DMV head office in Sacramento by your insurance company. The form acts as proof of insurance. It is required in the event of a suspension as a result of a DUI conviction, or as a result of a DMV suspension following a DMV hearing loss.

If you have been suspended by the DMV as a result of a DUI, the DMV will not reinstate your privilege to drive unless you file an SR22. This form is normally sent to the DMV by your insurance company and must be maintained on file for a period of three years. If you change insurance companies, it is necessary to make sure that the new insurance company picks up the SR22 filing.

Your insurance premiums will inevitably be increased as a result of a suspension and an SR22 filing. The only way to avoid this requirement is to both avoid a DUI conviction and to win the DMV hearing thereby avoiding a suspension. If the DUI is reduced to a reckless driving and the DMV hearing is won, a suspension and therefore an SR22 is avoided.

If you have any questions about the DMV or how to avoid an SR22, please call Los Angeles and Orange County DMV lawyer, Nigel Witham.