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Dismissal of charges in Long Beach.


I have been representing a client arrested by the Long Beach police department back on January 17th 2009. On that day, my client lost control of his vehicle and collided with a parked car causing substantial damage. The police report indicated that he appeared confused and sluggish and it was reported that he failed to perform field sobriety tests as instructed. The arresting officer suspected that my client was under the influence of drugs as he could not detect any odor of alcohol on his breath. My client admitted to taking a number of anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications. He agreed to submit to a blood test.

Despite taking the above medications, the blood sample tested positive for marijuana only. The Prosecutor initially offered a “wet reckless” but eventually, the Long Beach City Prosecutors office accepted that they were unable to prove the case based on what was a relatively low quantity of marijuana and the case was dismissed this week in the interests of justice.

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