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Early Reinstatement of License on Second DUI

The law relating to license suspensions on a second time DUI conviction in California is changing on July 01 2010. Previously, a Licensee was not eligible for the reinstatement of driving privileges until after at least one year of suspension following a conviction for a DUI with one prior.

The new law will allow application for a restricted license 90 days after the conviction subject to the following;

1. Installation in the Licensee's vehicle of an approved ignition interlock device.
2. SR22 Proof of insurance.
3. Proof of enrollment in an SB38 18-month alcohol treatment program.

It is unclear whether people arrested prior to July 1st will be eligible for early reinstatement or whether the DMV will only apply the law to people arrested and convicted after July 1st. However, dealing with the DMV is an art rather than a science. You can call the DMV one day and be given one answer, but call the next day and be given a completely different answer. For those suffering an existing suspension for a second time DUI, it is worth contacting the DMV after July 1st to see if they can take advantage of the change in the law.