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DUI versus Criminal Defense Lawyers

Most people arrested for a DUI do not know a DUI defense lawyer and therefore have to find one. Some people consult with their "family attorney" who then refers them to a specialist DUI lawyer. Others will respond to mail solicitations recieved from law firms following the arrest. Most people will do some research on the internet and find an attorney by reviewing their website. In any event, choosing an attorney can be a confusing experience as lawyers have different approaches and charge different fees.

Although there are many excellent criminal defense lawyers,  defending DUI charges in California is a specialized area of law requiring a knowledge of science as well as law. It is advisable to hire a lawyer who focusses his or her practice on the defense of DUI charges, as opposed to general criminal defense.

The most common complaint about attorneys is that they do not return calls or keep clients advised on the status of their case. I get calls frequently from people who have already hired a lawyer, and the complaint is invariably that they do not know what is going on with their case. It tends to be the cheaper lawyers charging less than $2000 that do not have the motivation or the time to answer clients calls.

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