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Felony DUI in Barstow

As a Los Angeles DUI attorney, I am sometimes consulted by clients who have been arrested for DUI in other parts of California. Although it is often an advantage to be a "local" attorney, it is sometimes tough to find specialist DUI defense lawyers in those areas and clients often prefer to hire an experienced DUI defense lawyer to handle their case even though he or she is not based in the jurisdiction of the court.

I am frequently consulted by clients arrested in Barstow. What often happens is that clients visit Las Vegas and drive back to LA in the early hours of the morning while still impaired by alcohol. The CHP in Barstow are waiting for people who speed on the I 15 freeway through their town. Speeding is a big issue in that area and speeding fines are very high in Barstow court in an attempt to deter motorists from speeding. 

I was recently retained by a young client who had been arrested for a felony DUI after an accident causing injuries to a passenger. The case was successfully defended and charges were reduced from a felony to a regular first time misdemeanor DUI. My client avoided jail time. The Prosecutor in Barstow had my client view what they call "The Book of the Dead" as a condition of the plea bargain. This is something that is specific to Barstow Court. The book contains graphic photographs of dead victims of drunk drivers and is intended to shock young defendants into understanding the impact that drunk driving can have. I was told by the prosecutor that she rarely reduces felony DUI's down to a misdemeanor, but she was impressed by the information that we had given her concerning my client's attitude to the incident and the efforts she had engaged in towards her sobriety.

If you are struggling to find a good DUI defense lawyer in the area in which you were arrested, contact Gold & Witham for a free consultation.