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Redondo Beach DUI Checkpoints

Redondo Beach Police Department is due to run its second DUI checkpoint in a week tonight. This is part of a nationwide crackdown using grant money to pay for its efforts. The RBPD arrested four motorists for DUI during its last checkpoint on August 28th. The last checkpoint was at Pacific Coast Highway and Vincent Street.

A representative from the RBPD indicated that checkpoints were seemingly doing their job in detering drunk driving as the number of motorists driving through checkpoints under the influence of alcohol was declining. Sgt Paul Burch of the RBPD said "My best night would be to go out there and screen 1,300 cars and have no drunk drivers" according to a report in The Beach Reporter.

The California Office of Traffic Safety reported statewide DUI deaths were down 9 percent in 2009. Locally, Sgt Burch noted that he does not see as many DUI cases in Redondo Beach as in previous years, "It's something we're proud of " he said.

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