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DMV Pilot Program, IID and Unlimited Driving

Prior to July 01 2010, any defendant convicted of a first time DUI in California was entitled to apply for a restricted license allowing driving to and from work and for the purposes of work. Conditions of re-instatement included payment of a re-instatement fee, enrollment in a three month alcohol class and proof of insurance on an SR22 form. Since July the first 2010, the DMV have been operating a pilot program that requires any defendant convicted of a first time DUI in Los Angeles County to additionally install in any vehicle they own or drive an Ignition Interlock Device for a period of five months. The DMV in Los Angeles require proof of installation of this device on form DL924 before issuing a license to drive. 
The one advantage of installing the device is that the DMV will then grant unlimited driving privileges for the period of installation. Driving is not restricted to and from work or for the purposes of work.
This pilot program applies to defendants who live in other counties if they have been convicted by a court in Los Angeles County. The pilot program also applies to Alameda, Sacramento, and Tulare counties.
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