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On-Line Alcohol Program

For clients who are convicted of a DUI in California but who live out of State, Courts still expect completion of an approved alcohol program. Some judges require evidence of the availability of an equivalent alcohol program in another State before approving it. The problem is that some States have much shorter programs for first offenders than California. One potential way around this problem is to request that the defendant be allowed to complete the program on-line. DUI Alcohol programs in California require personal presence at classes, but there is a company based in Idaho called Tom Wilson Counseling that specifically tailors on-line programs to State requirements. The DMV in California does not recognize on-line programs and this can delay re-instatement of driving privileges, but judges are increasingly willing to accept proof of completion of an on-line class as a condition of probation. Tom Wilson Counseling may be contacted at 1-877-368-9909 or through their website at