Afghanistan and the DUI War

As the President plans to address our war in Afghanistan this evening, he is surrounded by "hawks": those who are adamant to end the war to protect our embattled economy, and conversely, those who are stringent in militarily protecting American interests across the world. Can both interests be served simultaneously, or are they mutually exclusive?

As Americans, the decision is our concern, but not ours to make (not until 2012, at least)...

As an individual arrested for DUI, however, it is both a battle and a decision that is uniquely yours to resolve. And now.

The consequences of a DUI conviction are discussed throughout our website at Gold & Witham. The pending threats against your license, your liberty, your reputation -- your peace of mind -- are well set forth there for your review and edification. The question is, are you ready toact? Are you going to be immobilized by the seemingly competitive interests of "throwing in the towel" (accepting a DUI conviction without legal or technical review or defense ), or "fighting 'em all the way?" (aiming for trial from the get-go, to hell with the increased penalties, including prospective jail time, that traditionally face you if you lose)? Both approaches have their virtues and defects, and we suggest those charged with this criminal offense need to wend their way between the "hawks" of indecision and belligerence. Your DUI charge needs you to be soberly advised as to your legal options: this is a very "political" charge in California, as Mothers Against Drunk Driving is a political lobby, and so a "diplomatic" approach can be very effective in gaining the Prosecutor's respect for your side of the story. Threatening trial, as so many "old school" DUI attorneys typically do, often "confirms" a conservative prosecutor's suspicion you will repeat this claimed offense in the future.

Your legal case needs to be tailored to the unique individual you are, the unique prosecutor you face, the unique Court House in which your case is set. An "end game," whether for a war or a legal confrontation, must be in stock, if a President, or a legal client, hopes to achieve success in resolving the conflict.

The President has his advisers --a competent DUI Defense suggests you need yours. Gold & Witham, DUI Attorneys at Law .


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