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Driving with a Suspended License


California Vehicle Code Section 14601.2 sets out the penalties for driving on a suspended license when the suspension was imposed as a result of a DUI conviction. Proof of knowledge of the suspension is necessary for a conviction. The same vehicle code section imposes the same penalties for a person who drives a vehicle on a restricted license as a result of a court conviction for DUI, where the person does not comply with the terms of the restriction.

On a first offense, the penalties include a minimum of ten days in county jail, up to a maximum of six months in county jail. On a second offense, there is a minimum of 30 days in county jail. In addition, the court must require proof of installation of an ignition interlock device in any vehicle owned or operated by the defendant for up to three years. Vehicle impound is also an option for the court, although the police normally impound the vehicle for thirty days after arrest anyway. The fines vary from $300 to $1000 plus penalty assessments. Driving on a suspended license is also a two point violation with the DMV.

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