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Wet Reckless, Torrance Court.


I was in Southbay Superior Court in Torrance this morning representing a client charged with a first time DUI. The facts of the case were that he was stopped at a sobriety checkpoint and submitted to a preliminary breath test with readings of .13/.12% and gave a blood test with a reading of .11% following his arrest. The deputy district attorney eventually offered a Wet Reckless which the client decided to take instead of going to jury trial.

One issue that the client had was that he did not wish to have to install in his vehicle an ignition interlock device. This device can be inconvenient, expensive and embarrassing and can cause real problems for business men who travel in California a lot and need to rent vehicles. While subject to the IID requirement, a person cannot drive any vehicle unless it has an IID installed. As per previous blogs, the IID is a requirement of the DMV in Los Angeles following a DUI conviction if a person wants to drive for work on a restricted license.
The reduction in charges to a Wet Reckless avoided the IID requirement for my client in Torrance this morning and was the difference maker for him in terms of accepting the reduction rather than going to trial.
If you have any questions concerning DUI defense in Torrance, a Wet Reckless, or the IID requirement in Los Angeles, please call Los Angeles DUI Lawyers Gold & Witham for a free case evaluation.