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Unexpected Consequences of DUI


For those arrested for a DUI in California, there are obvious and immediate concerns such as the possibility of serving county jail time or losing one's privilege to drive for a period of time. However, there are often consequences to a DUI conviction that are not immediately considered by the defendant.

A DUI conviction can result in unpleasant surprises sometimes years after the event. For example, Canada has a strict policy of refusing entry to anyone convicted of a DUI. This can be a major problem for U.S. citizens who regularly do business in Canada. We recently represented a client who was engaged to be married to a Canadian citizen. She had not considered the potential impact of a DUI conviction on her plans to visit Canada in the short term and move there in the long term. The problem may only become apparent to people when they attempt to enter Canada for a family vacation only to be refused entry at the border.

A DUI conviction may effect a persons credit record, result in an employment opportunity being lost, termination of insurance or the inability to rent a motor vehicle. There are a number of problems that may become apparent sometimes months or years after the arrest.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles or Orange County, please contact the DUI defense law firm of Gold & Witham for expert guidance and representation.