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Alcoholism and Multiple DUI Offenses


As a DUI defense lawyer in Los Angeles, I regularly represent clients who are addicted to alcohol. The traditional approach to defending DUI cases is to pick apart the evidence, challenge probable cause, attack breath testing procedure and science and to deny, deny, deny. However, this approach does not necessarily serve the client who has a problem with alcohol and needs help in dealing with it.

An arrest for DUI may be seen as an opportunity to address underlying problems and to engage the defendant in activities to deal with alcoholism and its causes. At Gold and Witham, clients with multiple offenses or even first time defendants who express the desire to stop drinking, are guided through steps to assist them in dealing with their problems. This may be as simple as attending AA meetings or seeking counseling or it may involve enrolling in out-patient or in-patient treatment.

An effective program is run by Diversified Monitoring Systems in Santa Ana, Orange County. The program is called “The Monitored Sobriety Program” and involves three components. The first component is continuous transdermal alcohol monitoring via a SCRAM bracelet. The second component is continuous drug testing via a Drug Abuse Patch.

The third component is an Orange County Probation approved Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program to promote long term sobriety. This program is an effective tool in helping a defendant to maintain sobriety and to promote a beneficial settlement in Court. Many Prosecutors and Judges respond favorably to voluntary efforts made by the defendant to stop drinking. After all, this is ultimately the best way to address public safety concerns and to prevent the commission of further offenses.

If you have been arrested for a DUI and you are concerned that you may have a problem with alcohol, Los Angeles DUI attorneys at Gold & Witham are not only interested in defending your case in court and with the DMV, but also to assist you in dealing with your underlying problems.