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DUI Barstow


Anyone heading back from a trip to Las Vegas should be very careful to observe the speed limit travelling through Barstow. There is a CHP Office based in Barstow and there are always CHP patrol cars waiting for speeding traffic. It's a hot button topic in Barstow as it is very common for people heading back to Los Angeles from Las Vegas to speed through this high desert town on the open and straight 15 freeway. There have been a number of people killed by speeding drunk drivers including on duty CHP Officers.

The price of a speeding ticket in Barstow Court is three times what it would be in a court in Los Angeles. It is also common for people to stay out until the early hours of the morning drinking and gambling in Vegas and then to drive back to LA in the morning hours believing that the alcohol is out of their system. Often it is not and although it's a two hour drive at least from Las Vegas to Barstow, many people find themselves stopped for speeding and still over the legal limit by the time they hit Barstow. I once had a client who was stopped for speeding at 120mph in a rented Mustang and he was still over a .20% blood alcohol level by the time he passed through Barstow. The district attorney was not very happy about him.

Although my office is in Long Beach, I am happy to take DUI cases in Barstow and San Bernardino County generally. I have been a specialist DUI attorney for over sixteen years and have attended Barstow court to defend felony and misdemeanor DUI cases frequently over the years.