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Concentrated Cannabis


As a DUI defense attorney in Los Angeles, I often defend related charges faced by a client who has retained me to defend his or her drunk driving case. Typical secondary charges include hit and run, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license and possession of drugs. Defending drug related charges often becomes the main area of negotiation and argument particularly if the charge is felony possession.

Possession of concentrated cannabis in Los Angeles is becoming more and more common. Concentrated cannabis is often used by people in possession of a medical marijuana card and who have a medical need for the drug. Sometimes, Prosecutors will agree to dismiss the possession charge upon showing a genuine medical need for the drug and a genuine medical marijuana card. However, possession of concenrtrated cannabis is a “wobbler” that can be filed as a felony. Relevant criteria in determining whether to file as a felony will include the amount (although even possession of small amounts can be a felony), the facts of the case and the defendant's prior history.

For possession of drugs cases, often the most effective way to avoid a conviction is to agree to Diversion or Prop 36. Upon completion of a drug education program and after a period of good behaviour the defendant earns a dismissal of charges.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles and you face possession of drugs charges as well, please contact Gold and Witham Attorneys at Law for a free consultation.