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Home Arrest for DUI in Orange County


The Orange County Sherriffs department is now offering a home confinement option to those sentenced to jail for DUI in Orange County. Not everyone will qualify and this is on a case to case basis. Previously, home confinement was only granted through the Orange County Probation Office who contract with a private company called Sentinel which operates the equipment. It is sometimes expensive and carries with it a number of restrictions, such as no drinking and no alcohol in the house, plus random breath testing and random visits by a probation officer.

The alternative program through the Sherriffs department is free and carries with it less restrictions. In order to apply for home confinement through the Sherriff, it is necessary to surrender for pre-booking and request it at that time. The danger ofcourse, is that it is denied and the defendant is then in custody without any further recourse. However, it presents an alternative option for those sentenced to Orange County Jail on a second time DUI. If you have any questions concerning DUI defense in Orange County, please call Orange County DUI Lawyers at Gold & Witham for a free consultation.