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Wet Reckless on .15 DUI in Inglewood


I was in Inglewood Court this week on a first time DUI case for a client whose job was at stake if she was convicted. The facts of the case were that she was stopped at a sobriety checkpoint and blew a .20/.20 on the preliminary alcohol screening test.

Following her arrest she submitted to a blood test with a reading of .15% blood alcohol concentration. She was additionally charged with a high blood alcohol enhancement. This enhancement normally mandates greater penalties including a longer alcohol program.

The offer at the arraignment was to plead to a DUI with the minimum penalties, the high blood alcohol enhancement would be dismissed. I continued the case in order to re-analyze the blood sample and to request additional discovery concerning the protocol followed at the sobriety checkpoint.

At pre-trial, following further negotiations, the prosecutor agreed to offer a reduced charge of “wet” reckless or alcohol related reckless driving. The reduction in the charge will greatly benefit my client as she will avoid having a DUI conviction on her record and will avoid having to install in her vehicle an ignition interlock device (IID).

The IID has the potential to cause great embarrassment to people who drive clients or work colleagues in their car during employment. The IID is mandated by the DMV following a DUI conviction in Los Angeles.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles and need to avoid a conviction because of your circumstances at work, please call Los Angeles drunk driving defense lawyers at Gold & Witham for experienced representation.