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SCRAM Remote Breath Alcohol Tester


For lower risk DUI offenders, SCRAM provides a system of alcohol monitoring that judges in DUI cases may accept as a condition of release pending the outcome of a case and in lieu of bail, or as a condition of probation for sentenced defendants.

The one piece, handheld breath testing device is portable and wireless and is a convenient way to test defendants to make sure that they are abstaining from the use of alcohol. It is designed for less intensive monitoring of low risk offenders and is not a direct alternative to jail. It does not provide continuous monitoring like the SCRAM ankle bracelet.

The device provides random, scheduled or on-demand testing and has built in automated facial recognition and GPS with every test to prevent tampering by third parties.

SCRAM breath alcohol testing may be offered to a prosecutor or judge to avoid having to post bail or to perform more punitive penalties in a DUI case. It can also be used by the defense as a proactive measure to promote plea negotiations. It can be an effective tool to show to the court that a defendant is abstaining from the use of alcohol.

At Gold and Witham we advise our clients to be proactive in engaging in measures to prove to the court that they are treating their case seriously and are remaining sober. It is always more effective to earn the judges leniency rather than demand it.