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Choosing a DUI Attorney


Following an arrest for DUI in Los Angeles, a person might expect to be inundated with letters from attorneys offering their services. Choosing an attorney can be a confusing and stressful experience. There is a wealth of information on the internet relating to DUI defense. Most reputable DUI defense law firms in Los Angeles have a website. Some of these websites are informative, some less so.

Most law firms offer a free initial consultation. However, some law firms hire a non-attorney spokesperson to take the “intake calls” and prospective clients should be careful to establish who they are talking to and who would be handling their case. Too many law firms are willing to compete for business by giving a prospective client the impression that their case will be dismissed. While it is tempting to believe that a lawyer can and will have the case dismissed, it is recommended that anyone looking for a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles should stay away from lawyers who give the impression that they are promising a dismissal. These lawyers are violating state bar rules by offering promises. Defending a DUI is always challenging, no matter what the facts and no professional lawyer will promise a result. If a lawyer provides information on theories of defense and has a plan of action as to how a case may be defended, this is different. A lawyer who has experience in DUI defense will be able to answer a prospective client's questions in detail without falling into the “Don't worry about it I'll get it dismissed” category.

Many prospective clients ask me about my “success rate”. While we are an experienced and specialized DUI defense law firm, with a very good reputation and track record, we at Gold & Witham encourage clients to focus on the facts and circumstances of their own case and address their own problems as all cases are different and results vary.

There are competing considerations when hiring an attorney, and cost is one of them. Some people who call me ask questions geared towards finding the best attorney available and are then surprised that I charge more than someone who will not return their call or who cannot answer their questions adequately. You should not expect to be able to buy a Lexus for the same price as a Toyota.

Finding an attorney sometimes requires a degree of trust and faith and the most important consideration of all is the need to be both confident and comfortable with the lawyers approach. Working with an attorney should alleviate stress, not add to it.