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On-Line DUI Classes and Out of State Clients


One of the penalties for a DUI in California is the requirement to attend an alcohol awareness class. These classes vary in length on a first offense from three to nine months and between eighteen and thirty months for a second or third offense. The classes typically involve at least one meeting per week for about three hours.

Out of State visitors to California who are arrested for a DUI here during their visit face a problem because of the above requirement. Obviously, it would be at least inconvenient if not impossible for an out of state resident to come to California for at least three months to attend alcohol awareness classes here. Most judges understand this and allow the defendant to perform an equivalent program in their home state to satisfy their probationary penalties.

A problem can arise if the out of state program is much shorter than the required California program. In this situation, some California judges will accept a shorter program or require some additional AA meetings to make up the time. Sometimes, however, a judge can be unsympathetic and reject the out of state program as inadequate.

One potential answer to this problem is to request permission to perform the program on-line. For California residents who commit a DUI in California, on-line classes are not allowed. However, some judges will approve on-line classes for out of state defendants. One company that specifically tailors on-line classes to State requirements is Tom Wilson Counseling. They may be contacted at 1-877-368-9909.

If you have any questions about California penalties for a DUI, please call Los Angeles DUI lawyers, Gold & Witham for a free consultation.