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Home Confinement on third DUI.


Home arrest or home confinement is an alternative to county jail on a third offense DUI in Los Angeles. It must be negotiated for and is not easily given as most judges see it as a soft option. I was able to get it today in Burbank Superior Court on a third offense with a refusal allegation. However, my client had shown to the court his commitment to sobriety by attending AA meetings, a thirty day residential treatment program and weekly urine testing, so the judge felt that he had earned it. The major benefit of home arrest or electronic home confinement for a third time DUI is that it allows the defendant to live at home and attend work as normal, instead of being in county jail for an equivalent time.

Home Confinement is monitored electronically through an ankle bracelet. Permitted activities may include attending work, overtime at work, pre-arranged doctors visits, school, couselling and AA meetings. The company that operates the equipment in Los Angeles County is Sentinel who may be contacted at 888 220 0737.

The period of home arrest on a third offense can vary from 120 days to one year.

If you have any questions concerning the penalties for a third DUI in Los Angeles, please call Gold & Witham at 562 938 7771.