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DUI and Drugs Statistics


According to a recent survey by the California Office of Traffic Safety, one in seven weekend nighttime drivers was found to be under the influence of drugs. Of the 1,300 drivers stopped at checkpoints statewide, who voluntarily submitted to a breath and/or saliva sample, 7.4 percent tested positive for marijuana and 14 percent for some type of drug while 7.3 percent tested positive for alcohol, according to the survey. Of the positive hits for alcohol, 23 percent tested positive for at least one drug.

The survey illustrates a growing concern that more drivers are driving under the influence of drugs including marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs such as Vicodin. Many people driving with prescription medication in their system may be unaware that they are potentially commiting a criminal offense.

A new law that begins on January 1st 2013 will distinguish the offense of driving under the influence of drugs. Signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in September, Assembly Bill 2552 will create different catergories for drug and alcohol related DUI's. If you are facing a prosecution for DUI based on drugs or medication, please call Los Angeles and Orange County DUI lawyers Gold & Witham for a free case evaluation.