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DUI Hawthorne


DUI cases resulting from an arrest by the Hawthorne Police Department are prosecuted by the Hawthorne City Prosecutor in department 7 of Inglewood Superior Court. Generally, DUI cases in Inglewood are difficult to defend as the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office limits the discretion of the young deputy district attorneys in court. Trying to get a young deputy district attorney to dismiss a DUI is usually met with a negative response as they have a mandate from their office not to do this. However, dealing with the more experienced prosecutors from the Hawthorne City Attorneys Office is generally a more profitable experience. The politics in this office allows real discretion to the prosecutors in court to consider dismissals and reductions in the charge when justified.

I was in court in Inglewood this morning and was offered a reduction to a “wet reckless” by the Hawthorne City Prosecutor on a second DUI with a .12% breath test result. This would not have happened with a district attorney case.

As with real estate, location matters when you are arrested for a DUI in Southern California.

Los Angeles DUI lawyers Jeffrey Gold and Nigel Witham have many years of experience defending DUI cases in Inglewoood Court. They may be reached for a free consultation at 562 938 7771.