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The Cost of a DUI


Increasingly in this terrible economy, people arrested for DUI are more and more concerned about how much it will cost them. There are a number of priorities when considering the consequences of a DUI in Los Angeles. The first priority would be to avoid a conviction. Other priorities include staying out of county jail, avoiding lengthy alcohol programs, community service or caltrans, and securing the return of driving privileges as soon as possible. These goals may often conflict with the desire to reduce the financial impact of the arrest, as in order to achieve some of these goals, it is necessary to spend money on a Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer.

Ultimately, if charges are dismissed, retaining a lawyer would save money in the long run. The cost of a conviction will often exceed the cost of retaining a lawyer. Fines and fees for a DUI conviction can range from $1,900 minimum to over $5000 (fines vary from $390 to $1000 but the court adds penalty assessments and court fees which significantly increase the total amount). Alcohol education programs also charge money. A level one, three month program will cost about $500. The court may require a longer program of six, nine or eighteen months. The cost of these programs go up significantly the longer the program. Insurance increases can add thousands of dollars over time.

DUI lawyers in Los Angeles that I speak with every day in court are complaining about the lack of business as potential clients can't afford their fees anymore. At Gold & Witham, we are very aware that the state of the economy has seriously impacted the ability of many people to hire a lawyer. For this reason, we want to be flexible with our fees. We are willing to reduce our normal fees for people that are struggling financially and we are willing to negotiate down payments and give clients time to pay any balance. You may reach Gold and Witham at 562 938 7771 for a free consultation.