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Convictions that lead to a License Suspension


Apart from DUI convictions, there are a number of other convictions that lead to a license suspension from the DMV in California. A Hit and Run conviction that involves personal injury will lead to a mandatory one year license suspension. There is no provision for restricted license privileges during this one year of suspension and the DMV will require proof of financial responsibility (SR22 from the licensee's insurance company) prior to re-instatement at the end of one year.

Some convictions lead to a discretionary license suspension by the DMV including a hit and run with property damage only, and speed or reckless driving per vehicle code section 13200.

The DMV may also suspend or revoke a Licensee's driving privilege based on an administrative determination that the driver negligently caused a fatal or serious injury accident. The DMV will order a one-year license suspension in these circumstances independent of any court conviction or determination.

If you have been involved in a traffic collision or you are facing criminal prosecution for a driving-related incident, and you are concerned about your driving privileges and the DMV ramifications, please call Los Angeles DMV hearing attorneys Gold & Witham for a free case evaluation.